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How to Use Paytm Send/Receive Money after Cashless

Hi Everyone! How are you all, Once again i am present with a new useful Post. In my Previous i focus on How to Earn Money from State Bank Rewardz Program. Now today i am going to share How to use Paytm wallet for Send and Receive Money after cashless. As we all know in this days common man have facing problem in making transaction or purchasing goods after the demoralization of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500 currency notes in India. Now it’s time to get rid of the problems like standing in long queues, getting limited amount from banks, unable to pay bills or make a transaction etc. it’s Time to go Cashless and make your transaction easily by Paytm.

How to use Paytm after cashless

How to Use Paytm Send or Receive Money anywhere after Cashless

If you are the first-time user of Paytm and you should know How to use Paytm Wallet for Money Transfer, Bill Payments, Recharge, Send and Receive Money, There are Step by Step Guide to Use Paytm after Cashless.


What is Paytm?

Paytm is cash Wallet were you can use it to Send and Receive Money, Make a Payment, Mobile Recharge, Book Tickets and also you can pay your Taxi, Bus, Airplane and Hotel Bill, Paytm Provide both Service of Paytm App to all platform and Website. It is one of the top Best Online Payment and Recharge Service in India. You can also use Paytm to Online Shopping. Paytm Provide many Discount and Cashback offer to their users on online shopping. there i am share step by step guide how to download and use Paytm in you Mobile and tablet.

How to Download and Install Paytm App?

It is very easy to Download and Install Paytm App in your Mobile. If you are Android Phone User Just go to Google Play Store and search “Paytm” and Tab on Install. After Successfully Installed Paytm in your Mobile Open it and Create you Wallet Account for Online Payment.

Download Paytm App

How to Registered on Paytm App ?

After Successfully Download and Install Paytm App on you Mobile first you need to Sign Up for using Paytm Service. You can Registered your account with you Mobile Number. Follow below steps to Complete your Registration on Paytm.

1. Open Paytm App and Tab on below Profile Tab.

2. Now Tab Login.

3. If you have already Paytm Account enter your Logging ID and Password, If you Don’t have any one Tab on Sign Up Button.

signup to paytm

4.Now Enter your Mobile Number, Email ID and Paytm Password and Tab on Signup Button.

5. After then you need to Verify your mobile number by OTP (One Time Password). you can wait and put you OTP thats send by Paytm on your Mobile.

6. After Verified your account Enter Your name DOB and other Information and Tab Signup Button. You have successful registered on Paytm.



How to Add Money in Your Paytm Wallet ?

If you have successfully Registered and Verified you Account on Paytm. You need to Add Some money in your Paytm Wallet for make Payment or shopping. You can use your Bank Debit / Credit Card or Net banking to Add Money in your Paytm Wallet. If you don’t know how to add money in paytm wallet follow below steps.

1. Loggin to Your Paytm App and Tab on Add Money Option.

add money to paytm

2. Enter some Amount that’s you want to Add in your Wallet and Tab Add Money Button.

3. After then will asked for the Payment Option. you can use Internet Banking/ Debit Card/ Credit Card/ ATM Card and Tab “Pay Now” Button.

4. Once Your Payment is done you can see a Successful Message on your screen.

How Send Money by Paytm ?

Paytm also Provide Send and Receive Money Service in different way. You can Send Money by Scanning the QR Code, Show Code and Mobile number. It is Very Simple to Send Money to everyone follow below step.

1. Logging to Your Paytm Account and Tab Send Money Option.

send money

2. Choose any one option to send money by QR Code, Show Code and via Mobile Number.

3. You can Send Money by Mobile Number, QR Bar Code Scanning and Show Code option are also available in Paytm.

4. After Successfully Payment you can see Successful Message on your Screen .

How to Get Money in Your Bank Account from Paytm Wallet?

If you want to Receive your Paytm Wallet money in you bank account, then you can do it too. You can get back your money into your bank account easily. From the app, just click on “Pay or Send”, then select “Send to Bank”, Enter your correct bank details and click on “Send”. after then your paytm wallet money goes to your bank account. In fact you can send money to anyone`s bank account.  you can also find your all transaction in your paytm passbook.


I Hope This Tutorial of How to Use Paytm Send/Receive Money after Cashless is useful to all of you. If you like this post please share it with your friends via social media and if you have any problem then you can ask with me in bellow comment box.


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