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Top 5 Hidden Features of Whatsapp Video Call on Android

Hi Friends! How are you all, Today am tell you top best useful tip about WhatsApp in my previous post How to Tag Contact in WhatsApp Group Chat to Android Now today i am going share Top 5 Hidden Features of WhatsApp Video call to every android users.  Do you know WhatsApp is Top Most Popular Social Media after Facebook because Whatsapp Updates Day by day many new feature in their service like 2 step verification, contact tagging in whatsapp group chat and many more.



In this day Whatsapp launched their new service to users that’s called WhatsApp Video Call. Whatsapp also launched safety and DUO feature to its users. There are many hidden feature in whatsapp but in this post i will focus on Whatsapp Video Call Feature.

Whatsapp Video Call

If you want use all Whatsapp new features you need to get updated on whatsapp and also Update your WhatsApp to New Version.  If you are not sure that the whatsapp has been updated simply go to Goole Play Store and for Avilable Updates. If you whatsapp don’t show the video calling option or if whatsapp video calling is not working or giving an error you need to download the latest WhatsApp beta version APK file from Google Play Store.

  • If you don’t know how to Download Latest Version of WhatsApp Follow Below Steps.
  • First you need to Uninstall old Whatsapp from you Mobile
  • Now Open Google Play Store and Search Whatsapp
  • Download and Install it on your Mobile
  • Complete you Verification using Your Mobile Number

Know More About WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp Video is a New Features that’s Added in WhatsApp, Whatsapp Video Calling lets you a place to Make a Video call with Voice to anyone using Whatsapp. Video Calling is only available to Android OS 4.1 and above user. If you have Video Calling Supported Android Mobile you can able to use whatsapp video call because video call need strong network connection during the calls. A poor and lazy network connection may result in poor and lazy video or Audio Quality.



How to Make Whtsapp Video Call

If you have completed all above requirement then you can use whatsapp video on you mobile it is very simple to make a video call from whatsapp. there i will show you step by step guide to how to make an whatsapp video call. your need to read below step carefully and follow these step.

  • Open You WhatsApp.
  • Choose a Contact that’s you want to Make a Video Call.
  • Click Caller Button from the right Top Corner.
  • Now Choose as your choice from Voice Call and Video Call


                           How to Make WhatsApp Video Call
  • If you facing Problem you can see example in above image or you can ask me in below comment box.
  • When someone video calls to you, you will see an incoming WhatsApp video call on your mobile screen. Slide the green button if you want to Receive the call and if you want to decline slide red button or if you want to decline the video call with a quick message tab on the message icon that’s appear on screen during the WhatsApp call.

Top 5 Hidden Features of WhatsApp Video Call

There are many Hidden Features in WhatsApp Video Call but in this post i will share only top 5 feature. These 5 hidden feature are best for WhatsApp video calling, you can make your best experience on video calling by using these top 5 hidden feature.

  1. WhatsApp Calling with Message :- Whatsapp Video call allow you call with chats therefore you can send chats message to caller during the whatsapp call. It is amazing chat and message faicility are both during the whatsapp call.
  2. DND Service in Whatsapp Video Call:- If you want Activate Do not disturb service in whatsapp video call also available this feature in whatsapp video call. by this feature you can’t recieve call that’s you don’t want. DND Service is like Mobile Service.
  3.  Mute Whatsapp Video Call :- This Feature is most popular bet feature to all whatsapp users, If you are busy or in a Meeting then you can mute your Important calls.
  4. Reject a Whatsapp call with Quick Message :- If you don’t want to receive a call you can reject by a quick message. Simply Tab on meesage icon that’s show during the call period.
  5.  Free of Cost whatsapp Call:- Do you know Whatsapp Video Calling Service provide Free of Cost. this service same as like Skype but Skype tell to pay some subscription charge to use this service. Whatsapp Provide this service Free of Cost only cost of Data Charge.

So Friends I hope This Tutorial about Top 5 Hidden Features of Whatsapp Video Call on Android is useful to all of you. If you like this Post please share it with your friends via social network and if you have any problem you can ask with me in below comment box.

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