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Helpnagaruntari is a leading and fast-growing WordPress and Blogger resource site, we try to cover all kinds of WordPress and Blogger themes, WordPress plugins, and WordPress or Blogger related services.

If you are trying to promote your WordPress and Blogger product, service or WordPress hosting then you are definitely in the right place. Helpnagaruntari currently received 4k daily page views and highly targeted traffic from the world.

At Helpnagaruntari, we cover all kinds of WordPress and Blogger themes be it free or premium, WordPress plugins, WordPress and Blogger related services and web hosting through articles, reviews, and giveaways.

Sponsored Reviews
We publish detailed unbiased reviews of WordPress and Blogger related product and services (With over 1500+ Words). Through reviews, we try to highlight the features of the product if it is good or bad and some details about how to use the product.

We will try each product we review and get a feel of the product before we go ahead and publish the review article.

Price: $150

Sponsored Giveaways
People like giveaways and it is a great way to spread the news about your new product. And it is one of the best practice to build up fan following for your product and services.

Through sponsored giveaways, we give you the freedom to set your own terms while the users participate in the giveaway to win your products.

Price: $50

Sponsored Posts (Free WP Products)

If you want us to publish a quick article to spread the news about your upcoming or newly launched free WordPress and Blogger product, sponsored posts are the best way to go.

We will write an article describing the features of your products to attract more users to give it a head start. We will write an article with about close to 1000 words.

Price: $70

List In Collection
We create the best theme and plugin collections regularly and listing your product in the relevant collection can bring you a really good result. You can request to list your product in a relevant collection for $50 and if you want to list it in the top three spot that will cost you $150.

Please Note: Your product will be in the top 3 spot for 3 months (you can renew it to be in the top spot)

Banner Ads
We also provide you option to promote your products through banner ads which will be placed in the right sidebar and will be visible on every page of the site.

300 X 250 Banner (4 Unites): Price – $150 for 30 days

This is a site-wide banner which will be placed in the right sidebar of the site and all the traffic which lands on the homepage or the single page articles will see your ad.

125 X 125 Banner (10 unites): Price – $50 for 30 days

These are the ads in the right sidebar, these ads will register the maximum impression as they will stick in the right sidebar of the site even if the user scrolls down the page.

WordPress Deals
We also accept custom made offers for SourceWP users, we will promote your discount offers through a detailed article. The discount has to be permanent with our own coupon code.

The reviews and sponsored posts will be labelled as sponsored posts and the links will have ‘rel=nofollow’ tag.

We will try our best to bring your reviewed article to as many users as possible through our incoming traffic, social media and by sharing on third party communities, but we don’t guarantee any specific amount of traffic or sales.

And we also reserve the right to cancel your work by refunding your amount.

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