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Top Tips to Improving B2B Blogging in the Big Data

Hi Friends in prevouse post of this post already mentioned Top 5 Secrete Steps to Get Targeted Traffic for Blog Now this tutorial i am going to share top tips to  Improving B2B Blogging As per today’s trend, data is the most crucial part of any organization as it helps in successfully planning the business activities to ensure higher growth and profitability. The new term is introduced in the market known as Big Data. In this article, we are going to discuss about the meaning of Big data and how to improve B2B blogging in it. Let’s first discuss the meaning of Big Data.

Improving B2B Blogging

Meaning of Big Data

Big data refers to the large amount of structured as well as unstructured data which is used for varieties of purposes in an organization like planning for business strategies, analyzing business operations, ensure faster execution of processes, and more. In big data, the amount of data is so large so that it can’t be handled by using the tradition systems like old database and software techniques. As per today’s era, Big data helps organization in the following ways:

  • Improve business operations
  • Ensure faster execution of processes
  • Provide intelligent support in effective decision making
  • Introduce Customers engagement programs
  • Helps in increasing business profitability by providing effective business insights

After understanding the meaning and benefits of Big Data, let’s list the main components of it:

  • Volume: Big Data refers to the large amount of structured as well as unstructured data which is growing exponentially each year.
  • Velocity: In big data, the amount of data is huge and should need to be processed quickly to match with the path of organization growth.
  • Variety: In big data, data is comprised from different sources like text, graphics, audios, videos, and more.
  • Value: The main objective of big data is the value of its data. In big data, high quality valuable data is stored which provide business insights to effectively manage and used in planning purposes.


How to Use Big Data in Improving B2B Blogging

Build More Effective Content Strategies

Content is the strength of any organization to get famous in among the audience and grab their attention. In big data, we have large amount of data which we can convert into the meaning information and use it in PR activities. To attract huge targeted audience, we should build highly effective and efficient content management strategies. For this purpose, we have two tools Mention and Meltwater. Mention tool is used for monitoring the organization online presence and other competitive data. Similarly, Meltwater follows the current trend of the market and provides competitive analysis to effectively manage content strategy.


Adjust Your Message to Market Trends

Using big data, you have large amount of data which you can use to analysis the current trend of the market which provides insights that can help in effective decision making process. There are two tools namely Buzzsumo and Google Analytics. Buzzsumo helps in identifying the current brand promotion trend of the market. Using this tool, we can search the content as per topic or the website name. On the other hand, Google Analytics is another way to track the progress of your B2B blogs and PR activities.

Embrace a New Way to Tell Stories

B2B PR is the way to educate or guide the brand audience about the products and services of the organization. This is the current or new way to write the success story of an organization. For this purpose, we have several tools namely Google Trends and NewsWhip Spike. Google trends enables users to identify how many times a particular term is entered in the search engine for searching particular information. In this way, we can find out the keywords which can strengthen our success story. Another tool named NewsWhip is paid services which helps in identifying the current trend and scenario of the marketing to convey our thoughts to our targeted audience.

Use Your Expertise

We all know about the term big data and how it can be useful for our business. The major drawback of big data is that it doesn’t answered all the important questions like why the particular data is so important? or how it affect the targeted audience? Big data not only providing the huge amount of data for effective decision making and planning but it also gives opportunity to utilize the strength of your experts to build strong digital marketing or promotional activities.

I hope This Tutorial of Improving B2B Blogging is Helpful to all of you, If you like this tutorial please share it with your friends via social and if you have any problem you can ask with me in below comment box.

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