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How to Hack WhatsApp Account Very Simple Steps to Access

Hi friends! How are you all? In my previous post I have mentioned top 5 WhatsApp tricks after then today I am going to share how to hack whatsapp account of your friend and some other people. As we all know whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform that’s used by billions of people from across the world. Whatsapp have many attractive and striking features like free messaging service, media sharing, voice and video calling etc. Many people share their image, messages personal data and many more using their whatsapp account.


hack whatsapp account

A few day ago Many friends have Requested me to know how to hack WhatsApp Account of any other. So I am writing this post, there you can find simple steps to hack whatsapp account.

Note: This Tutorial is just for educational urpose. All content of this article are provided for education for information and educational purpose only.

WhatsApp Hacking

There are many ways to hack whatsApp like software, Virus, Mac Address, IMEI Number, Mobile Number but here I will tell you very easy step to hack whatsapp account. This method are no requires prior hacking knowledge or technical skill to carry out and hence more suitable for common people. Now Your Dreams Gonna be true to How to hack your friends whatsapp messages, video, and all images. You can hack any other Whatsapp Account by following below steps.



How to Hack WhatsApp Account ?

If you want to hack Whatsapp Account of your Friend’s and any other people you need to install some app in your Smartphone and follow below steps. There are many ways to hack WhatsApp Account but here i am telling only two easy ways to hack whatsapp.

#1 Method to Hack WhatsApp by Using Mobile App.

1. First You need to Download and install Whatscan in your Smartphone from Google Play Store.

2. After Installed you need to Open WhatScan. There you can see a Whatsapp webcode after opened whatscan. you need to Scan this webcode in your friends mobile by using below steps.



3. Now get your friend’s Mobile which you like to hack whatsapp account.

4. Now open Whatsapp in your friends Smartphone and Tab Three dot option from the right of top corner.

5. Now Tab WhatsApp Web Option and Scan Whatsapp Webcode that’s you seen in your Mobile (Mentioned in Step 2)

6. After Successfully Scan your Whatscan webcode in you friends Mobile you have successful hacked you friends whatsapp account.

2# Method to Hack WhatsApp by MAC Address.

A MAC Address understand “Media Access Control Address” atleast 12 Character Unique Identifier Number Assigned to the Network adapter of your Smartphone WiFi device. if you want to identify and Access Whatsapp Account of your friends smart phone you need to find MAC address of your friend smartphone whom you want to hack the WhatsApp Account. Follow below steps to hack whatsapp account by using MAC Address.

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1. First you need to Uninstall Whatsapp from your smart phone (Don’t worry you can get back your whatsapp account)

2. Now get your friend phone which you want to hack whatsapp and find MAC Address of their phone.

3. You can find MAC Address by Go to > Setting> About Phone> Status> Mac Address.


Note- You need to note your Device Mac Address to get back your WhatsApp account after hacking process completed.

4. Find Mac Address of your Device and Note is securely, after noted you need to change your device mac address with your friends mobile mac address that’s you have find in step #2.



5. Now Install WhatsApp from Play Store and Complete WhatsApp Verification in your device with Your Friends Mobile Number that’s you want to hack.

6. You have Successfully hacked targeted WhatsApp Account.

Note- If you want to get back your Whatsapp Account you need to uninstall hacked WhatsApp and change MAC Address with your Device mac address that’s you have saved in Step #4 and Install a fresh WhatsApp from Play store.

How to Protect from Getting Hacked?

There are no way to get protect from hacked because hacker is very smart but you can secure 50% by follow below steps.

1. Make sure that your smart phon software is up to date.

2. Protect Your Phone with some security like lock screen, password so that other people cannot access your smartphone without your permission.

3. Use good Antivirus which help your phone to getting hacked from Viruses.


I hope This Tutorial of How to Hack Whatsapp Account of any other people is helpful to all of you, If you have any question regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box and if you like this post please share it with your friends via social network.

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