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How to Create Free Blog on Blogger Full Guide with Image

Hi Fiends! How are you all? Welcome to my blog. In my Previous post i have mentioned How make money from Blogging. Now Today i am going to share how to create free blog on blogger. Do you know about blogging if you remember first time heard the word “blog” there are many definition of blogging. A Blog is a type of Website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent post or article at the top of the main page or home page. Blogs are also know as like diary that’s written by a person and are updated pretty regularly. you can write on your blog on virtually any topic like Photography, Spirituality, Personal Diaries, Recipes, Hobbies, How to, Tutorial, Learning and you can also help to other by a blog or blogging.


Create Free Blog on Blogger


How to Create Free Blog on Blogger ?

As  we all know a blog is a collection of content that’s organized repetitively. It’s content can take form the basic words like Text, Audio, Video, and Images. You can create your own blog free of cost. If you want to create a own blog there are many website or tool available on internet you can it and make your blog without codding and simple steps. there i have mentioned step by step full guide to how to create free blog on Blogger. You can read carefully and follow below steps.

1. Go to and click Create New Blog.

Create a New Blog


2. Then Sign in to Blogger with your Gmail Account. If you don’t have gmail account Create a New From Here .

Sign in to Blogger

2. After Successfully Sign in to Blogger Choose a Blogger Profile that’s you want to use for Blogger. Click Create a limited blogger profile and Put your Display name and Click Continue to Blogger. I always recommended You Make a Google Plus Profile.

Choose Blogger Profile

3. After then Pu your Blog Title and Blog Address (Domain Name of your Website) and choose a simple template to your blog and Click Create Blog Button. you can change your blog template at any time. I always Recommended you to use SEO Friendly Blogger Template to get Better ranking in Search Engine.



Create a New Blog

4. All Done! You have Successfully Created you own Free Blog. Now you can Write a New Post or Article to you Blog.



How to Create and Publish New Article on Blogger Blog

After Successfully created a blog you can write content to your blog in different topic like Lifestyle, How to, Tutorial, Learning, Hobbies and other If you don’t know how to create and publish a new post on blogger follow below steps.

1.  Logging to your Blogger Dashboard and Click New Post from the Top of Screen.

Make New Post on Blogger



2. After Then Write your Article Carefully and put Your Article Title in Title Section and Format your Post by using Text Formatting Tool then Click Publish Button. You can also Save your post in Draft box by click Save to Draft Button.

Create a New Post


I hope This Tutorial of How to Create Free Blog on Blogger is helpful to all of you, if you like this please share it with your friends via social network and if you have any problem regarding this post you can ask with me in below comment box.

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