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Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Updated Useful Shortcut Key for Google Chrome Browser

You are Internet Users and you want working fast on the browser without mouse. Today I am going to share a lot of keyboard Shortcut Key to Google chrome internet browser. It help to you for work with fast and experienced. Shortcut keys help provide an easier and usually quicker method of executing commands in Google chrome browser.

Useful Shortcut key for google chrome browser
Useful Shortcut Key for Google Chrome Browser

What is internet Browser? 
Internet browser is an program to read HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Language. Many web developers use HTML, Java and many language to build a website but that's language difficult to understand for us. Internet browser translate or transfer that's language in a simple language over the internet. It's use to work on internet and open a website that's made in HTML deference Language, there are many internet Browser like Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser and Internet Explorer

In this tutorial I am shared many Shortcut Key to Google Chrome browser, by using it you can complete your work fast and without mouse. It's only for Google Chrome Users. If you don't have Google Chrome browser in your computer please Download it from here. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used basic shortcut keys that work with Google Chrome Web Browser

1. Ctrl + N - To Open New Browser Window.

2. Ctrl + T- To open new tab window in the same browser.

3. Ctrl + Shift + N- To open new Private window.

4. Ctrl + F4, or Ctrl + W - To close current tab window.

5. Alt + F4- To close the Browser Window.

6. Ctrl  + Shift + T- To open Recently Closed Tab Window.

7. Ctrl + D- To Bookmark current Tab Window

8. Ctrl + H - To show all browsing history.

9. Ctrl + J- To show all Download history.

10. Ctrl + F- To find any text in the Current window.

11. Ctrl + G- To Go to the Next Result of founded word.

12. Shift + Ctrl + G- To go to the previous Result of founded word.

13. Alt + Left Key -To go to the Previous Page.

14. Alt + Right Key- To go to the Next Page.

15. Ctrl + Tab- To go to the Next Tab Window.

16. Ctrl + Shift + Tab - To go to the Previous Tab Window.

17. Ctrl + R or F5 - To refresh/reload the current page.

18. Esc- To Stop the currently loading page.

19. Ctrl + number - To go to the any one tab number. For example- you want to go 3 number tab window press Ctrl + 3.

20. Ctrl + L or Alt+D or F6 - To go to the address bar of current tab window.

21. Ctrl+Enter - To insert automatically www. Before and .com after the webpage address during the typing of web address.

22. Space - To Scroll down the webpage.

23. Shift + Space - To scroll up the webpage.

24. Home - To go top of the webpage.

25. End - To go button of the webpage.

26. 'Ctrl' and '+' - To Zoom in on the current webpage.

27. 'Ctrl' and '-' - To zoom out on the current webpage.

28. Ctrl + Shift + Delete - To clear all browsing history, cookies and crash etc.

29. F11- To Full screen preview .

30. Ctrl + U - To view Source Code of current webpage.

30. Ctrl + P - To Print currently webpage.

32. F12 - To open Developer tools.

If these Shortcut Key is Helpful for you please Share it with your Friends via Social Network.

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