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Monday, August 8, 2016

My First Earning Report From Blogging

Hello, firstly thanks for your interest to know my blog earnings for the first year. In this special article, I am going to explore my earnings report of this blog. Really, sometimes blog helps a lot in some situations. I have some experiences where my blog helped me personally. OK, getting into topic, every blogger starts a blog for earning money. But without knowing proper techniques and basic SEO, it’s not possible to earn money with a blog in a short time. I have started blogging to learn and share the knowledge. Even I don’t know that I can earn money, when I started a blog. Anyways, let me get into topic.

Many people ask me, how much you earn, how you earn, like these questions. For those who has this question, this article is for you.

My Blog first earning report

I started this blog on June 15, 2015.  It has completed it’s first anniversary on June 15, 2016.  So I wanna share the income report of my blog. Here is the income report.

Google Adsense – $101.24

Sponsored Posts/ Paid posts/ Reviews – $180

Other sources – $30

Total =>101.24+180+30=> $311.24

Adsense income
Seriously, I haven’t received any payment till July 2016. In the sense, I have not made $101 till May 2016. It’s around $98 then. By June 2016, I have crossed the $100 threshold and I am going to receive $101 from adsense this month which is my first Adsense payment of this blog.

Adsense Earning Report

Sponsored Posts/ Reviews/ Paid Posts
Of course, this is also a good monetizing technique for me. I have written around 10+ sponsored posts which contain product reviews, paid posts, Gadget reviews at different prices. This made me around $180 (12,000 in INR). This was a pretty good way of monetizing which helped me when I am in need of money.

Other sources
Other sources include link shortening. I have been using link shortening service for some of the links on my blog for 2 months which made around $30+.

Final Words:
I am happy for what I earned for what I worked. Of course, it is very less. But, I am satisfied. Hope will increase in upcoming months.   

Happy Blogging!!!!

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Posted by Akhilesh Kumar
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