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Monday, August 22, 2016

Top 3 Images Optimize Tips for Better SEO Rankings

Are you looking How to get High Ranking of your blog you are right place, Today I am going to share how to make SEO Friendly Image of your Blogger blog. When search engines start indexing the pages on your site, they don't just focus on the writing. Web crawlers employed by services like Google and Bing shuffle through your site's structural code looking for any relevant information that they might offer to their customers. 

Some of the information includes things like backlinks, tags and even images.However, there are some bloggers that makes sure that their article is fully optimized for search engines but the images they use in the article are nowhere near as optimized as they should be.Image searches can have the effect of drawing in large numbers of new readers that were just looking through content in Google images. You can benefit from this traffic and increase your average subscriber by practicing image optimization.

SEO Friendly Image to Blogger

How to Make SEO Friendly Image of Your Blogger Blog
Images make up a big part of any website. They help to excite the visual senses of readers and offer a little extra entertainment value. What most blog owners don't realize is that all of the photos that they upload to their site aren't confined to their site alone. Crawlers make sure that these images also show up within their respective search engines sites.

1. Alt Tags & File Names to Image Optimization
Fist step you can optimize Alt tag and file name of your image. Visitors may love images, but computers don't. Computers are designed to do what you tell them without violating any of the parameters. When web crawlers come across images on a website, they really don't know what to do with it because they are made to collect information, not interpret it. 
The solution to this problem is to optimize images and appropriately label your alt tags so that they display the correct content when someone goes to look for it. The minor word choice mistakes may not affect the operations of your website, or how your image is displayed, but it will affect the search results of others and the traffic that comes into your website. 

Whereas you may have been able to attract the dog lovers in the world using image optimization of your dog tagged 'Solution', you are now drawing in crowds searching for their uncle "Solution".

To include the alt tag, simply add alt="this is your alt text" to your image tag. Here's an example:
<img src="pug-dog.jpg" alt="Our Solution" />
You need to optimize images and file names on everything that you decide to save to your website directory so that this information can be appropriately indexed and be used as a search term. You could name the file of your Solution, "Solution-our.jpg", which would encourage the search engine to add Solution into searches being performed with the phrase 'Solution'. Alt tags and file names play an important interpretation role between you and the machine that makes your blog possible.

2. Add A Caption to Image Optimization
Caption is very Important part of a Image for better SEO. After uploading your images, you should always add a caption to the image, so that average browser understands what they're looking at. This gives your website a more professional appearance and will help to keep people on your page.

Not everyone that comes across your picture using a Google Image search is looking for your blog. Maybe they just want to download the image, and that's all you'll ever get from them. The important thing is that they found your photo relevant to their search, and decided to navigate to your site in order to save it for their own use. The longer those users stay on the site, the better it looks for you because it plays a role in the "bounce rate". Bounce rate refers to when someone clicks on a link, realizes it's not what they're looking for, and then immediately goes back to the search engine.

If you can reduce the number of times that this happens by providing captions and intriguing content that will make people want to stick around, your SEO ranking will improve.
3. File Size to Image Optimization
File Size is the seond important part of Image It's Improve your blog Loading Time, Improving your bounce rate can be tough because the attention span of the everyday Internet user is incredibly short. It may be as short as 8 seconds. High bounce back rates and slow loading sites can be the death of most blogs because no one wants to wait for the content to load. 

By the time your website finally loads with the content that you need, they could have easily visited two or more sites and found what they need from someone who was better prepared to handle their traffic. Use Photoshop or one of many online services like Google Picasa to rescale your images or reduce the file size. Two services that can perform this ability for free and do a great job are Yahoo's Smushit and Kraken. When you access either site, they will allow you to upload the picture on the site and download the new image optimization versions for use on your Blogger site.

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