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Monday, July 11, 2016

Top 13 Tips To Increase Google Page Rank

Page Rank is a word which doesn’t need any explanation. Majority of Bloggers should know about this as there are thousands of monthly searches on Increase Page Rank. If you don’t then I will explain it to you. Page Rank is a ranking system used by Google to calculate the popularity of a website or blog. It is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10 where sites with PR 0 are least popular and sites with PR10 are most Popular. But you will rarely find blogs having PR above 5, only social networking or big company websites have PR close to 7, 8, 9 or 10. As a blogger, PR 3 is considered very Good.
Increase Page Rank
Now, How should you improve Page Rank of your website or blog?

There are many different factors which contribute to Page Rank. So, working on any specific factor will not increase Page Rank, You need to work on all points to get the work done. But before mentioning all Tips to Improve Page Rank, I should explain why it is so important for every website or blog.

Why Page Rank is Crucial for every Website?
1.  Advertisers: – Now, this the most important thing for every blogger. Advertisers may not want to advertise on blogs having PR 0 as Page Rank is commonly considered by Advertisers along with Alexa Rank. You may not get direct Advertisements, Sponsored posts if you don’t have good PR.

2. Authority: – You may try your best to build Authority for your blog, but it will not be possible unless you have a Good PR. Although In some cases, bloggers are successful in doing so, but not every time you will get success without having PR.

3.  Natural Backlinks: – Every blogger has a dream to get natural backlinks, but as you know it’s not easy if you don’t have good PR because websites will not like to link to a Website having low PR.

Note:- Page Rank lost some of the importance in the last few years due to Moz introducing a new way to Calculate popularity of website via Moz Rank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority. But still it is important if you want to attract many advertisers for your blog.

How to Improve/Increase Page Rank?

1. Nofollow External Links
If you have too much of external links on your blog, then, beware you passing valuable page rank. Stop right now and Nofollow links, especially links to low PR sites. You can give dofollow links to High Authority sites because it will enhance your rankings in search.

2. Guest Posting
One of my favorite ways to Increase Page Rank. You must do Guest Posting on High Authority and High PR blogs to get Backlinks and to pass quality Link juice. Also Check - Blog Guest Posting Tips

3. Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking is a good way to get some traffic and valuable backlinks. Although those backlinks are not as strong, but still it can pass some link juice.

4. Deliver Quality Content
If you are delivering quality content on your blog, then, your visitors will surely share it on different platforms which directly or indirectly will increase PR of your Blog.

5. Blog Commenting
I love commenting on Popular Blogs to get some backlinks and build relationships. I don’t think it needs any explanation because the majority of bloggers know what blog commenting can do.

6. Internal Linking
It is the best way to pass page link juice from one page to the other. This way you will increase Page Rank of your internal pages also.

7. No Spam
Avoid any kind of Spam work on your blog, either linking or keyword related spam. It will certainly have bad effects.

8. Blog Update frequency
This may not directly improve Page Rank, but it will certainly increase the authority of your blog in the eyes of Google and indirectly will have good effects on PR.

9. Avoid Link Schemes
You need to avoid Link buying, link exchange or any other link Schemes mentioned by Google to get a Good PR for your Blog.

10. Blog Directories or Communities
There are many dofollow blog directories which help you get some link juice. One of my favorites is Indiblogger.
11. Forums
I must say using the Forums "Also Check- Dofollow Forum List for BAcklink" for link building is a bad thing to do, but if you are using them to get some exposure and traffic then, it should be fine. Then you can also get valuable backlink from Signature section, but only from quality forums.

12. Site Loading Speed
Again, not effect PR directly, but indirectly will because Google really like Fast loading websites.
13 Site Structure
Website structure are very important for SEO. You need to make your website easier to navigate for both Users and Search Engine Robots.

I don’t think there are any more legitimate ways to Increase PR and if you follow all fourteen tips properly, then, you will not need any more tricks because you will automatically see a boost in Page Rank.

So, this Ends our Article "useful to improve/increase google page rank". If you find this helpful, then, don’t forget to share it on social networks. And if you have any question Regarding Increase Page Rank, then let me know via comments.
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