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Friday, October 3, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Site/blog Alexa Rank

Alexa which is even known to webmasters for not being real and authentic is still a market bench mark while considering a number of internet services offered to multiple websites. Your Alexa rank is kept in consideration while you list your domain for auction, get contacted by potential advertisers and in lot other stuff you know well being a web guy.

Coming to our topic you want to increase your Alexa rank when all the old tricks are gone one of which was using their redirects to let them know: Hi Alexa, you see? My website is getting great traffic please increase my rank!

AlexaAlexa as multiple times reported keep on improving their system and now just using their toolbar and redirect service (terminated!) are not the only thing you should concentrate on while trying to increase your Alexa. Here are 15 great tips to help you make your Alexa rank.

1. Download AlexaToolbar
Being old still the trick every other webmaster is after. Get yourself a dedicated Alexa toolbar of your blog or site and make use of it on regular basis, it will do wonders for your site and site’s rank.

2. Write About Alexa Blog Post
Just like other networks, Alexa do love sites which posts content about it and let their users know the credibility and value they possess in current internet market. A post linking to them with a few words about their services and boom! Alexa will notice and make you go up the rank ladder a few steps.

3. Ask for Review
If you ever had visited your Alexa site rank with concentration you must have seen that reviews tab? Yeah if it’s there, it must be helping their service to rank websites and positive reviews will surely do wonders for your rank. If you have a trusted user base you can ask your traffic to write reviews about your site or if you are new on the ladder, get some friends do it for you in start and leave rest for your audience.

4. Submit Your Blog to Directories
Alexa tracks your back-links as well, so the more links you’ll have pointing your site either direct or deep it doesn’t matter much, you’ll get notice by them which will increase your web rank. This will also help your SEO campaign as Google also love and track links to the site and it helps them count your search engine rankings, but make sure the links are useful, originating from authentic sites with nice reputation and of the same niche as yours.

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5. Place Alexa Widget on Your Blog
Just like I pointed out earlier, the more you’ll love Alexa on your site the earlier you’ll climb up the rank ladder. So make sure you are having their widgets on your site or blog. If your site is under 100K you can also place the traffic stats widget as well which will surely look good in your site bar or footer if its widget ready or else go with the simple site rank widget at least.

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6. Get more people to your site
More people = More Traffic and ultimately better rank. Sounds natural? So get some quality content on your blog and promote your blog or web which will ultimately bring you traffic and your rank will shoot as well.

7. Auto Traffic Exchange
Traffic Exchange programs bring a lot of traffic to your blog, although the quality isn’t much worthy and often it increase your bounce rate as well as the traffic is more interested in getting paid or to get the source they clicked for. So traffic exchange does work but comes with its cons too which you should keep in mind too while opting for it.

8. Offer Guest post with Quality Content
I know a number of just started blogger who avoid linking to others, or allowing someone else to post on their blog, I too was like that in past, but remember in blogging you are dealing with the world wide web and you can never get attention of others while resting in isolation, you’ll have to make your own space and give some to others. So allow other bloggers to post on your blog, do the same and the results will be fruitful like nothing other but make sure that the content you post or ask other to publish is original and of worth. This will end with a boost to your Alexa rank certainly.

9. Leave Comment on high ranking site
You see that Sites Linking IN under the Reputation heading? It obviously matters and the more you have links to your site the more your alexa rank will climb and the more SE Juice you’ll get. Now how to get links? One of the easiest methods to get links is to check well ranked sites on Alexa and leave a nice comment there with a backlink to your site. Although the link will be “no-follow”, but it will certainly drive targeted traffic to your site.
Make sure what you left there is not a piece of junk which will be sooner or later removed by some moderator rather write what will build your reputation, motivate comment readers to check in and visit the link you left there.

You’ll lose a lot of traffic by just saying:

10. Social Network (Facebook/Twitter/G+)
Search engines now a day crawl all these places to get some more information on who’s in trending now? Which site’s content is getting viral and doesn’t give a damn about all these places and just keep on seeding content on their site.

Make sure you use all these platforms to engage your readership and keep them busy with your latest content. Their likes, shares, retweets, +1s all will count to the big cause and will drive your more traffic and more rank.

Posted by Akhilesh Kumar
I am a blog scientist and a professional blogger. we writes on this blog about Tech, Blogging, SEO, Social Networking Site, News, Search Engines Traffic, Make Money Online, Life Hack and Making Life Successful. our blog NagarUntari receives 10k Pageviews per month. I do share on this blog regularly.

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