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Friday, October 24, 2014

How To Download Video From YouTube.com

Tips to How To Download Video From YouTube.com YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch and view videos on their website. Many users want to save their favorite videos to their computer so they can watch them without being connected to the Internet or so they can watch them on other devices. Below are the steps required for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer for free.

Found a favorite video on YouTube that you just have to have? There are many different tools at your disposal for downloading and converting YouTube videos. ClipGrab requires you to download the application, DownloadHelper is an extension for Firefox, and Kibase works through a website.

Method 1 of 3: Using ClipGrab to Download Video from Youtube.com
  1. Download and install ClipGrab. You can download ClipGrab from ClipGrab.org. ClipGrab is a free and open source program available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you would like to download.
  3. Paste the URL into the ClipGrab window.
  4. Choose a format. Select the format and quality you want to use (e.g. MPEG4 and HD 1080p).
  5. Start the download. Click on the "Grab this Clip!" button to start the download.

Method 2 of 3: Using Using KIBase to Download Video from Youtube.com

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to download. You will be copying the source code of the video as opposed to the URL.
  2. Copy the source code. Right click on the page of the YouTube video and select "View Page Source". Highlight all of the text in the window that appears and copy it. You can copy by right-clicking on the selection and selecting "Copy" or by pressing ^ Ctrl+C on a PC or ⌘ Cmd+C on a Mac.
  3.  Visit the KIBase website. You can access it at kibase.com Click the "Youtube Downloader"     option.
  4. Paste the source code. Put your cursor in the text box and paste the copied source code. You can paste by right-clicking on the text box and selecting "Paste" or by pressing ^ Ctrl+V on a PC or ⌘ Cmd+V on a Mac.
  5. Submit the code. Click Submit, or press ^ Ctrl+↵ Enter.
  6. Wait for the download to finish. The download will start automatically. Once it is finished, you can open the video and save it to the folder of your choice.
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Method 3 of 3: Using DownloadHelper for Firefox to Download Video from Youtube.com
  1. Install the DownloadHelper extension. This extension allows you to quickly download most videos online, including any video from YouTube. You can download the extension by clicking the Firefox menu button, selecting "Add-ons", and then clicking "Get Add-ons". Search for "DownloadHelper" and then click the Install button next to the DownloadHelper entry. DownloadHelper will automatically install. Restart Firefox after installing DownloadHelper.
  2. Open the video you want to save. Using Firefox, navigate to the video that you want to download. You will need to open the video's page in order to start the download.
  3. Select your format. At the top-right corner of the Firefox window, you will see an animated DownloadHelper icon. click the down arrow icon next to the animated icon to open a menu of available formats.
  4. If you're downloading the video to watch on your computer, you can usually choose the highest quality option. This is typically labeled 720P or 1080P.
  5. If you're downloading the video to watch on your phone, choose the Mobile option.
  6. Convert the file. You can click Quick Download to quickly download the video without any conversion to your default download folder. If you want to convert the file to work with a specific device, select "Download and Convert", and then choose the device from the drop-down menu.
  • Be patient! Even a one minute video may take two to three minutes. A computer with a good connection and plenty of space should run at a good pace though.
  • Finding a music video and downloading it as a .mp3 will result in music file. The music may also not be the best quality because it's from a video, not a CD.
  • If you need lots of videos, you can run multiple downloads at the same time. Just be forewarned that this will slow down each conversion.

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