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Friday, September 12, 2014

Campaigns Google AdWord Tab Introduced to Blogger

Google is trying to integrate it's wide range of services to Blogger; allowing millions of blogger user to easily implement it's services to their blogs. And latest update on that matter is, Google have just made changes to the Blogger dashboard and therefore connecting AdWords with Blogger.On the first two days of July/2014; like me many Blogger users have noticed that their Blogger blog's dashboard now have a "Campaigns" tab for AdWords.

Google has integrated Adsense and Google Plus to Blogger and now Adwords. Though Adsense was integrated a long time ago, Google Plus connectivity is fairly new. 90% to 95% of Google's revenue comes from Advertising. And, AdWords is the most greatest "Weapon of Mass Earnings" in the arsenal of Google.

So; what are the reason behind this new change from Google and Blogger. And how it will help the Blogger and Google users.

More Revenue for Google

Google's revenue was over $15.4 billion in the first quarter of 2014. And the company's revenue is increasing in each quarter substantially in both USA and International territory. The reason being; improving the products, importantly for mobile.
This change also will be fruitful for Google because. As blogger has a huge number of users and thus, more of blogs. And most of them are serious about their blog's branding and success. So this update clearly will have a great impact on the Blogger user.

Another Great Tool for Blogger Blogs

Many wants to take their blog to the next level and this AdWords tool inside blogger dashboard will help that cause. This will allow you to see the results of you AdWords campaigns in your dashboard also a direct view of the impact of your blog's stats because of it. This helps you optimize your campaign properly to meet your budget and needs.

Improving the Image of Blogger as Blogging Platform

This new change will definitely increase the use of Blogger as a blogging platform. Despite of its easy nature of use and don't forget it's free of charge; Blogger in certain issue do fail to attract professionals to use it for blogging. Many choose other platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr, Livejournal. But this certainly a plus point for Blogger. (As if Adsense Integration was not enough!!)

Yet Another Reason for using Google for you Online Life

The Oxford dictionary defines the world Google as-"Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google". Somebody in the Google's boardroom meetings saw this and they vow to change this by taking Google from just a "search engine" to a "human necessity"(almost). All the products of Google (Android, Blogger, Search engine, Youtube, Gmail, Google Plus, AdWords, Adsense,..... and that car that runs without a human driver) had a great impact on human life worldwide. And Google every day trying to find new ways to connect these products and invent new ones to enrich our life and making huge bucks in the process.
Clearly it is a new attempt by Google to integrate and connect its products in ways that the users and customers can use for their own interest. Now let's see how to use this.

How to Use AdWords for Blogger Blogs
  1. Log in to Blogger and go to you Blogger blog's dashboard and click "Tab".
Adword Settind

2. Click on "Start now" to connect and setup an AdWord Campaign for your blog.
3. You will be redirected to AdWord website. If you are new you have to sign up or if have an      
    AdWord account already you can use that.
4. After signing up or signing in use tools to create your Campaigne and fill the billing information. 
    And start running it.

That it you have now AdWords Campaigns for your Blogger blog. Do share your views on this recent addition of Blogger in the comment's section.

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