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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Make Money online View Best Ads Earn Higher Earning

View Best Ads is the best solution for earn Earn Money Online from home Increase Income Referrals Once you are registered and login with your e-mail ID, Software filters ads & display which match with your Profile like Age, Gender, Nationality etc and Interests like Education, Bargain deals, Technology, Branded Products, Fashion etc, means you see only those ads which directly or indirectly add value to your knowledge, shopping etc. Its simple but interesting concept, get rewards for zero investment and for no buying/selling of products; on top of it you see ads of your interest, read only positive news, participate in quiz etc.

No you need not to pay anything to join VBA. It is absolutely free...!!!

How to Join 



Once you are happy with the services of the website and refer it to your near and dear ones, and when they see the ads, you are rewarded with GIFT POINTS. When your near and dear one refer it to their near & dear one and they see the ads, you are rewarded even with more gift points. You keep getting gift points till 8th referral.

Referrel Reward
You can refer as many as you want, UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL!!Referral should be active user of portal; means should see all ads of their interest ,read positive news, view inbox mails and play all 25 quiz for any 15 days in next 45 days.Rs 50 will be credited only for genuine referrals.

Regular Reward
To earn reward & point you have to complete regular reward section, which is given below.

1. View Ads : In this section you'll see there are some advertisement & you have to click them all.
2. VBA Inbox : In this section you'll see few mail from the sponsor of this website, check them all.   You might have to register on few mails.
3. Positive News: In this section you'll get two positive news, read & enjoy.
4. Play Quiz: In this section you'll get 25 G.K./I.Q. questions to be replied. All are multiple choice questions & you will get 60 seconds for each question to answer. For every correct answer you will get 10 points and for incorrect answer you wont get any point. (Example: If your all 10 answers are correct then your bonus points will be 100×100/100 i.e. 100 points so your total rewards from play quiz will be 100+100 = 200 points).

You'll get Rs. 5 for completing Regular Reward Section.

Additional Rewards

Predict Number: The system will randomly select one number (from 1 to 100), which you need to find out in 6 attempts based on logical clues.

Cricket: It's prediction game.

Number Game: If total of your Mobile number (which is registered on this website) or Lucky number you select, matches with the total of time you played, then you are a winner. If the sum of the digits of your mobile no is 5 and lucky number you selected is 8. You are winner if total of time you played is 5 or 8. For example:
Time you Played:
is 12:43:18:124 so total would be: 1+2+4+3+1+8+1+2+4=26=2+6=8
Its matching so you are winner. Every time you win you will get 50 Gift Points.
You can win maximum 500 Points daily in Number Game.

Memory Booster Game: 
You have to choose and place correct alphabet to complete the word within 90 seconds. You will get 10 points for every correct word .You can play 20 times in a day. If you score above 60% (20 times to play) you get bonus points also.
HBNC Contest: It is Hourly Breaking News Quiz contest. Every hour you can participate in the quiz. All the quiz in HBNC are based on the breaking news of that hour. You will have to made the contribution of 500 points to play. When first time you will participate you will get the 10000 points for participation from need to reply only one question in one hour. If you will give correct answer you will be be a winner.

The no of people participated in that particular hour each will contribute 500 points to play. The total points collected during that hour will be distributed among all the winners. Suppose during 8.00 AM to 9.00 Am total 500 people participated so total collected points @ 500 points each participant will be 2,50,000 & there are 20 winners in that hour then each winner will get 250000/20= 12500 points.

Also you will get 5 % extra points for your VBA activity of that day.

Houry Quiz Contest: Same as HBNC, but it is G.K./I.Q. Based.

Memory Game: You will get 10 alphabets to frame words with minimum 4 alphabets in each word. The time limit to frame words would be maximum 3 minutes, Additional 1 minute will be allowed to edit the words already framed.
Once the game is over, system will check the correctness of the words and for all correct words gift points will be rewarded based on total number of alphabets used.
All the correct words are being saved to your word bank.
In next session, you will get another set of alphabets but you are supposed to make new word, any word already in your word bank will not be consider for gift points, this way you your word bank balance increased every day.
Repetition of alphabets is allowed in the word.

Nifty Contest: You will be allowed to predict till 9 AM for the same day NIFTY closing level. The registered user, whose guess will be the closest to the actual closing, will be rewarded with 100,000 ( 1 lac) gift points. In case of tie, the 100,000 gift points will be divided among all the users having the same guess, closest to the closing level.

Play HQC, HNBC, Play Quiz, Get smarter and Win gift points every hour. The HQC will definitely improve your GK, IQ, and bank balance too.

Sign Up

How will you get paid?
As soon as your account balance reaches to threshold limit of redemption , you have to make online request for the same. In your account statement, you need to click the "Redeem Reward" icon to send request for reward redemption. You will get 1/3rd amount of total reward as cash (by Account payee cheque) and 2/3rd amount in the way of Gift Vouchers. You also need to upload the scan copy of one of your photo identity proofs (PAN card/ Voter ID/ School ID/ Collage ID / Bank Pass book/ Driving License / Passport). Once we get the request, our account team verifies the details & then sends the Cheque to your postal address which will take minimum 30 days. And Gift voucher will be redeem online thru
If you want, you can also take full amount in gift vouchers but not in cash.

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