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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Google Adsense Removed Per Page Ads Limit Policy

If you are a blogger and AdSense Publisher now a Good News for you, Just now Google AdSense Making change in policy of limit per page ads unit which is very happy all bloggers and AdSense publishers. Now you can put as much as you ads unit on a page of your blog or website. Now Google AdSense removed limit of per page ads unit 3 text ads, 2 search box ads, 3 link ads and 3 display ads from the ad per page limit policy.

Just some time ago, Google launched its AdSense service to limit Per page ad unit has changed and the new removed limit of per page ad unit. Also Happy all these bloggers and website owners whose Advertisement from Google's AdSense and whose have main earning source is Google adsense, I am also happy.

I hope you can put more than 3 ads unit on a page of your blog from the ends of limit to per page ads unit, This will also Increase your AdSense earning. Google said in its announcements, Now adsense user put many ads unit on their blog or website according to your experiment. The main reason of this changed, Too many search by the user advertisement related product in Google, google say that's will break this by the Deletion of ads limit and users do not have to be search product frequently in Google search engine. Visitors easily find their choice product by the use of many ads unit on any website or blog.
Adsense Removed their per page ad unit policy

Google removed their per page ads unit limit

Now you can use more than 3 ads unit on a page/post of your blog/website. These are very serious matter and a most important news to every google AdSense publisher, I do not want you getting any confusing from it, So I am telling you about it with proof. An Important Policy Updates in Google Adsense.

Here I am going to share screen shoot of google adsense old per page limit policy and new updated per page limit policy.
1. Old policy of google Adsense Per Page Ad Unit Limit.
The old policy of google AdSense per page ads limit allow you to put only 3 text / display ads, 3 links ad unit and 2 search box ads unit on a page of your blog, you can see the screen shoot of old AdSense per page limit policy. 

New updated policy of google Adsense Per Page Ad Unit Limit.

Here you can see the new updated per page limit policy of google AdSense, you will see the more proof by visiting the ensuring proper ad placement page of google adsense. this was it google adsense old and new policy report with proof, you can check this, I sure Google AdSense removed their page per limit policy, However, we should take precautions to use of Google AdSense service, You said the wrong use of it then less traffic of your site.


The Old Policy of google adsense- Ad limit per page
  • You can use Up to three adsense for content units on the every one page.
  • You can use Up to three links ads units on the every one page.
  • You can use Up to two search boxes on the every one page.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to become a YouTube Partner and Show ads on their Videos

YouTube is the best and more popular or favorite site to everyone for upload and share video and put ads on their video and c , The best advantage of YouTube that you can join YouTube Partnership Programs and upload your videos t and earn money from them. 

Many people think that how to become a YouTube partner does not know what to do. So, there is nothing, Today I am going to tell you what to do to become a YouTube partner. You will find the lot of information on the internet about how to become a YouTube partner, But it is very Easy In a few seconds you can become a YouTube Partner,

Actually, If you have a Gmail account you will be log in on YouTube as soon as you log in Will you become a YouTube partner,

How to Become a YouTube Partner

In this post, I'm tell here very clear step to join the YouTube Partnership Program and monetise your video on YouTube. Many newly people want to know about the YouTube Information But clear and denied them the right to join YouTube is the problem.

How to Join the YouTube Partnership and Earn Money from Video Uploding

You have successfully done to become a YouTube partner after make and upload a video on YouTube, But remember someone else's can not upload copyrighted video on YouTube
How to become a YouTube partner and earn money from them.

1. Go to youtube.com and log in with your gmail account.
2. Upload some attractive videos and share it with friends to get viewers.
3. Put ads and Monetize your video.
4. Connect your YouTube channel with Google Adsense for putting ads on your video.
5. Make money from your video and make your life enjoy full.
6. Now upload regular videos like minimum 1 or 2 video weekly.
7. Make sure your video are helpful to other
8. Increase your video viewers by sharing this on social site and get youtube partnership program.

Simply, join YouTube and upload your video, monetize your video on YouTube, connect your YouTube account with Google adsense, upload regular a video on you tube or Receive Millions views on your YouTube videos then has become a partner.

How to Enable your YouTube channel for video monetize programs

To check your YouTube channel eligibility and opt in for video monetize programs.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Top 3 Images Optimize Tips for Better SEO Rankings

Are you looking How to get High Ranking of your blog you are right place, Today I am going to share how to make SEO Friendly Image of your Blogger blog. When search engines start indexing the pages on your site, they don't just focus on the writing. Web crawlers employed by services like Google and Bing shuffle through your site's structural code looking for any relevant information that they might offer to their customers. 

Some of the information includes things like backlinks, tags and even images.However, there are some bloggers that makes sure that their article is fully optimized for search engines but the images they use in the article are nowhere near as optimized as they should be.Image searches can have the effect of drawing in large numbers of new readers that were just looking through content in Google images. You can benefit from this traffic and increase your average subscriber by practicing image optimization.

SEO Friendly Image to Blogger
SEO Friendly Image to Blogger

How to Make SEO Friendly Image of Your Blogger Blog
Images make up a big part of any website. They help to excite the visual senses of readers and offer a little extra entertainment value. What most blog owners don't realize is that all of the photos that they upload to their site aren't confined to their site alone. Crawlers make sure that these images also show up within their respective search engines sites.

1. Alt Tags & File Names to Image Optimization
Fist step you can optimize Alt tag and file name of your image. Visitors may love images, but computers don't. Computers are designed to do what you tell them without violating any of the parameters. When web crawlers come across images on a website, they really don't know what to do with it because they are made to collect information, not interpret it. 
The solution to this problem is to optimize images and appropriately label your alt tags so that they display the correct content when someone goes to look for it. The minor word choice mistakes may not affect the operations of your website, or how your image is displayed, but it will affect the search results of others and the traffic that comes into your website. 

Whereas you may have been able to attract the dog lovers in the world using image optimization of your dog tagged 'Solution', you are now drawing in crowds searching for their uncle "Solution".

Add Title of Blogger Image

To include the alt tag, simply add alt="this is your alt text" to your image tag. Here's an example:
<img src="pug-dog.jpg" alt="Our Solution" />
You need to optimize images and file names on everything that you decide to save to your website directory so that this information can be appropriately indexed and be used as a search term. You could name the file of your Solution, "Solution-our.jpg", which would encourage the search engine to add Solution into searches being performed with the phrase 'Solution'. Alt tags and file names play an important interpretation role between you and the machine that makes your blog possible.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How to Show/Hide Google+ Comments System With Toggle

Your are Looking how to show/hide Google+ Comment System in Blogger, Today I am going to share how to show/hide Google+ Comment System in Blogger, Many Bloggers site owners received the new Google+ Comment System pretty negatively because it forced all commenting users to create their own Google+ account before they were able to write a comment.

The Google+ Comment System on Blogger was convenient to writers, but discouraged many users from continuing to comment on blogs because they simply didn't want to use Google+. For those that did use Google+ to make a comment,  you could go days or weeks without ever realizing that you never responded to a reader. This commenting system for blogger which will include both Blogger and Google plus comments separated by a toggle

google+ comment system to blogger

Now, there's an easy new way to have the best of both worlds. Allowing fans of Google+ as well as everyday blog readers to access all same features, you’ll be able to engage every visitor equally. You can respond to comments while still being able to communicate with other Google+ users outside of your site and take advantage of the Google+ Comment System on Blogger.

How to Show/Hide Blogger and Google Plus Comments System
To make the installation as simple as possible, I used inline jQuery and CSS, but who wants can change this code later. Also, the most accessible place I found to add it would be just after <b:include data='post' name='post'/>. So, let's start adding it:

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML.

 Show/Hide Blogger and Google Plus Comments System
2. Click anywhere inside the code area and press CTRL + F keys to open the editor's search box and search for the following code.

<b:include data='post' name='post'/>
3. Just after <b:include data='post' name='post'/> add the following code.

Top Easy Step to Install Window 7 in PC/Laptop

Windows 7 operating system is top and best operating system to all it is very easy to use and operate You are Looking how to Install window 7 in your PC or Laptop very simple  today i am going to share step by step easy step to install window 7 on your pc and laptop you can Learn How To Install Windows 7 on PC or Laptop. This is Step By Step Method For Beginners with screenshots. You can easily install windows 7 by below steps.

You should have to get your System Specifications and then search for it on Google. If Windows 7 Supports your system then begin this tutorial step by step. In this tutorial you will learn How To Install Windows 7.

First to all Need Before Windows 7 Installation
If your Pc/Laptop have at least a 1-GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, but testers of the OS have successfully got it running on machines as out of date as a 266-MHz Pentium II with 96MB of RAM. 

If you already have boot-able CD/DVD then you can skip this part. Otherwise if you need to have Windows 7 ISO download then click here. Also if you want to install windows 7 with USB then make flash drive boot-able by following this method.

How to Install Windows 7 on PC/Laptop
1. Boot Your CD/DVD Drive with window 7 Disc- Turn ON your PC and Press ‘F2’ Continuously. There will come up and option to boot through CD/DVD. Select that option. Windows will start loading its files.

Install Window 7

2. Choose "Install Now" Option- Now you will get the Windows Setup Window. This is the part to select Language for your windows. Select ‘English’ and click Next. Also there will be a ‘INSTALL NOW’ button. Click on it and proceed to next step.

Install Now option Window 7

3. Choose Installation Option to Disc-  There will be a license agreement. Check on ‘I ACCEPT’ and proceed to NEXT. After that there will be an option to install windows. ‘UPGRADE’ and ‘CUSTOM’. Right now we are installing a clean version so Click on CUSTOM.

Choose Installation Option

4. Create Partition of your Hard Drive- In this step you will do partitioning of your drive. Be careful, this is the most important part of the Installation. In this you will allocate spaces to your drive. If you want to create a new drive, simply click on a drive and then click ‘NEW’. A new drive will be created.
Create partition of your Hard Drive

5 Choose Partition to Install window 7- When you have created the drives, Simply Select the drive in which you want to install windows. Click ‘Format’, this will erase all the previous data on you that drive. Click on ‘NEXT’ to proceed.

choose partition of hard drive to install window

6. Wait for Processing - Now you windows will start installing its files. Grab a cup of coffee and wait for a few minutes while it install. During this process don’t plug in or off your device. It might cause interruption and you might loose your data and have to begin the process all over again.

processing of Window 7

7 Choose User Name of Window - Now when you files are installed. Your PC will be rebooted and now you will see is a ‘User Settings’ Screen. Simply add your Name and password and proceed to ‘NEXT’


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